Red Cabbage Slaw

This Red Cabbage slaw is crispy, sweet and refreshing!!  Great on a hot day, for a picnic, it can go with so many dishes.


- 1/2 red cabbage, thinly sliced

- 1/2 cup cilantro, chopped

- 2 med carrots, shredded

- 1/3 cup rice vinegar

- 1/2 tbsp sugar

-1/2 tbsp honey

- 1 tsp salt

- 1 tsp pepper

- 1/2 tsp l.c. finns Anise extract

- 1 tsp l.c. finns Ginger extract

Toss all the ingredients together and refrigerate for an hour before serving.


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Cheryl Kohan
Cheryl Kohan

May 17, 2016

My daughter-in-law gave me a sample set of these and I love them. Haven’t used many, yet, but this recipe is on my to-make list. I can hardly wait to see how the anise and ginger ramp up the flavor in this recipe. Yum!

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